1. NyQuil
    Autocorrect now capitalizes the Q in my phone. Also overdosed last night and woke up at 1am thinking there was a rodent in my bed with me. Once I pulled back the covers to reveal zero living objects, I realized the CVS brand NyQuil was the best brand of NyQuil.
  2. Warm shaving cream and a fresh razor
    Get my hair cut for $18 at a place on 38th/broadway. I will go and get a minor trim just to have the back of my neck and side burns straight razored off.
  3. Mom scratching my back and scalp
    When I return to bucks county, there are mainly 2 priorities - snacks and mom scratching my back. My mind goes blank and I almost completely forget about everything I have going on in NYC. I've reached new levels of mellow in recent years when she has done this.
  4. Speedy Romeos
    Pizza shop around the corner from my apt. I went to the doctor about 6 months after I moved to Brooklyn and my cholesterol had spiked 60 points since moving to BK. "Any changes in diet?" She asked. "I eat a whole pizza at least once a week." "Yep - don't do that." She replied.