7 Catholic sisters from Cranford, NJ. Affectionately referred to as "Ruths horcruxes." Oldest to youngest! Line up girls!
  1. Kathy
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    Divorced the alcoholic. Remarried the DJ. Party. LOVES gambling and cigs.
  2. Karen
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    Mom. Goddess. Funniest person I know. Selfless and a great cook/back scratch. Had 2 Facebook friends and one died so she deactivated her account.
  3. Susan
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    Super woodsy. Loves crafting. Or loved crafting. Her fingers hurt now! Just discovered Europe!
  4. Janet
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    Typical middle child. Loves attention and vodka. Only gets vodka. Very heated Facebook poster.
  5. Barbara
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    Divorced. Lives alone. When seen with my mom, easy to convince people they are a couple based on their haircuts which I find comfort in strangely. Basically my second mom.
  6. Joann
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    Loves smoking pot and not shaving. Different from the rest. Was left on the beach by herself for a half of a day when she was 3 and my grandma wonders "WHY IS JOANN DIFFERENT?" Is this even the real Joann? Idk
  7. Judy (Judith)
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    Youngest. Loves the finer things in life. Big suburban houses. Ski chalets. Chevy Suburbans.