Don't look back.
  1. a hand full of people exiting the A Train
    Did everyone forget how the subway and flow of people within the subway work. Come ~the fuck~ on. Not my fault.
  2. Lady who couldn't decide if i was going to her left or right. "Flip flopper"
    I bump in to a flip flopper at least once a week and often feel as though it's the universe telling me I need to connect with them. Nope. No time. Keep moving.
  3. The woman working the register at Zaro
    I haven't eaten anything and I was feeling hungover/ so I got a baby sabra. "That'll be 4.75." I literally pitched a crinkled $5 bill at her face and told her to keep the change. She's probably still alive but a little bothered about how that exchange unfolded.
  4. The man with 2 suitcases
    Sorry buddy and I know you were on your way to catch a flight out of Newark and I don't know if you are from NYC. I don't think you are because New Yorkers don't STOP ON THE ESCALATOR. THE ESCALATORS PURPOSE IS TO SPEED YOU UP.
  5. 3 phone lookers
    Look up when in crowded spaces and you are moving. Plz plz plz
  6. Guy eating pizza on the steps in the NJ transit terminal
    Hope that Sbarro Sicilian slice was a good last meal because my new asos leather duffle basically decapitated you. 👼 sry bb