Pretty strange night looking back 11 years later
  1. I wore WHITE sunglasses with my tux.
  2. The flower shop ran out of corsages so my mom made me get her a bouquet of roses as an alternative.
  3. I re-gelled my hair twice because I was sweating too much - with the bottle of Dep 8 I kept in my pocket all night.
  4. I avoided having sex with my date because I wanted to "take it slow" aka I was actually a homosexual
  5. I wore a puka shell necklace UNDER my button up shirt but OVER my undershirt.
  6. I actually lost my mind when the DJ played "Hey Ya!" & "Yeah!" And by "lost my mind" I mean I did the worm and gelled my hair immediately after.
  7. @john showed up, played 3 songs, and all of our heads exploded
  8. "Here without you" by 3 Doors Down was the slow dance and this was my 3rd make out with any human
  9. My parents decided to put my dog to sleep the day after prom and didn't tell me because I was "having too much fun"
    I got back from the beach and was all "Where's Molly?"