puts reading glasses on, holds phone with an extended arm, touches screen with pointer finger, "hmmmm"
  1. "Wait... Gayle! come look at this. Aren't all of these people busy? Don't they have jobs?!?! So. Many. Lists. "
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  2. "I just don't know if I have anything to liiiiisssttt"
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  3. "I LOVE the idea of this Lissssst - I just don't know what to put on mine. I need ideas. I need your help."
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  4. "Steadman- did you think of a list yet?"
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  5. "Gayle - what about my dogs? There is 5 of them? Would that be good?"
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  6. "Nobody wants to see the houses I own. That's not what I'm about. That's not my brand."
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    Yes they do.
  7. "Favorite things? How would I do that on herrrreeee?"
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    Suggested by @dave