1. Foot traffic to and from Penn Station
    Similar to a tide in an ocean, but in the morning, the tide is like ready to get. Shit. Done.
  2. Multiple dress stores with the same 4 women mannequins with coordinating outfits in the window.
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    *yellow coordinating outfits... And hats. Like derby hats. When has someone ever walked up and been like - "need that look - gotta have it."
  3. For every bodega buffet, there is a windowless steak house.
    Filled with old men just laughing, getting drunk, and pinching asses
  4. Work event? No problem - there are 3 H&Ms on 34th street within the same 2 block radius.
    I can buy a suit for $0 and look like I was anticipating this night for months
  5. Field trip full of teenagers screaming when the ACE/123 come to a complete stop at 34th street
    Reminders that I will never be a chaperone.
  6. What's west of 9th ave and in between 28th and 42nd?
    Honestly, no clue.
  7. 2 seconds left the cross the street - no sweat
    This armored vehicle making a RHT doesn't have the ballz to kill me.