"Murdered someone, got out, and now I'm on listapp just fuckin around."
  1. I like to steal. I was kicked out of six flags for a year when I was 14 because I stole a superman pen. I thought I could get away with stealing from TJ Maxx in flatiron, I was surprised at the level of security support they have in that building.
    I told my family I was arrested for one of the other 2 reasons on this list.
  2. I drank too much beer at the Amsterdam ale house and was peeing between cars on 76th and 9th.
    Cops let me finish. It was the end of the month and they had a quota to meet. Super long horse pee too.
  3. It was honestly a big misunderstanding. I hung up a few pictures(PG), on the light pole outside of my apartment on 22nd and Bloombergs anti graffiti task force was undercover and swiftly put me in cuffs.
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    Also asked if I hung up 50,000 of them. And where my "fuckin' weed" was? Picture to the right. It's a house me and my friends lived in in college. I am so cool @vp