"... Without pants" can be applied to everything below. 👖 @vp
  1. Watch Netflix in my roommates bed, on her iPad, on someone else's Netflix account.
    She knows. She hates. @emheb
  2. Scream/chant
  3. Look at myself in the mirror and make faces in order to make myself more attractive.
    Find ways to shrink my 5 finger forehead
  4. Sing "Mirrors" very loudly.
  5. Imagine accepting my first Oscar
    I usually thank my mom, sisters, and aunts and all of the powerful women in my life.
  6. Look through old dick pics I've received.
  7. Go through old gchats of people I haven't talked to or aren't friends with anymore and analyze what went wrong.
  8. Imagine the apartments I will live in when I become successful and the parties I will throw.
  9. Take baths in my gross bathtub.