I picked up photography about two years ago and it has become a wildly therapeutic hobby.
  1. Fairfax and Oakwood, LA. Saw this in a movie once, did not end well.
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  2. LA. This is Kevin. He builds furniture, cars, forges knives, and is a better photographer than I.
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  3. LA. Alleyway near home. I love Los Angeles, but for so many reasons, would like 400% more rain.
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  4. Topanga, CA. Stayed with a bunch of people at a beautiful Airbnb that was about to be officially opened as a hospice center. It made for a nice bonding experience. So did the mushrooms.
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  5. Joshua Tree. This is Eva. Hour five in the desert. It looks like she's laughing, she might be sneezing, I don't remember.
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  6. LA. Alleyway near my home. Some ancient skywatchers referred to the the U shaped crescent as the "wet moon". They thought it looked like a bowl that could collect rain water and that like weather was imminent.
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  7. LA. Sometimes you have lean to take a dumb selfie.
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