Shawshank: Busy Living
  1. Heywood and Floyd show up unannounced and jeopardize Andy and Red’s charter fishing business.
  2. Andy and Red are tarring the hotel roof when a stray dog knocks over their ladder. Stranded, they argue over the nature of hope.
  3. Andy and Red need the hotel tiptop for a visit from Rita Hayworth, but Bogs is back on his feet and has plans of his own.
  4. Heywood starts dating Zihuatanejo’s wealthiest woman, Stephanie Darabont, but she may not be who she says. Andy and Red sprinkle rock dust in the yard.
  5. Andy makes Tommy Williams' son Billy the new lobby boy, but Billy might be a klepto like his dad. Red and Heywood are quarantined with chickenpox.
  6. When Tropical Storm Frank keeps the guests inside, Andy and Red host a roleplaying murder mystery. Heywood helps Brooks’ ghost with unfinished business. (halloween episode)
  7. Tommy's widow visits the hotel, but Red doesn't trust her new boyfriend. Andy eats bad shellfish.
  8. Andy’s girlfriend Linda dumps him after she learns about his stint at Shawshank. Red hides the booze and gun.
  9. Andy enters a food contest & accidentally poisons the jury. Red and Heywood argue over the signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  10. Andy and Red join a local Zihuatanejo battle of the bands. Red is too embarrassed to tell Andy he can’t actually play the harmonica.
  11. Andy and Red obsessively hunt for a cricket trapped within the hotel. While tearing down the walls they find a copy of Stephen King’s Different Seasons and have a complete existential breakdown.