1. The Natural - That Director You Like That Made Rain Man
    Just wouldn't be the same without the music that uh, not the guy you like, not Thomas, but his cousin. Randy! Without Randy Newman's music, just not the same.
  2. Good Luck and Good Some Time: The Black & White One - George Clooney makes movies?!
    I remember when that all happened!
  3. The Quentin Tarantula-whatever Nazi Movie - Quentin Tarantula-whatever
    What a fantasy! Those Nazi pricks. That would have been great.
  4. Up an English Hill, Down Around or Through a Mountain I Don't Know - Hugh Grant's Friend
    It's real sweet. No special effects
  5. Session? Sessions? One Session? - You Know, I Should Look That Up
    That guy, the thin one, he's great. The guy from Deadwood. He's great in it that guy. And Helen Hunt. Why isn't she in more? Is she?
  6. Does Downton Abbey Count - Some Fellow. Oh! Haha, Fellowes! Julian Fellowes Has Something To Do With It.
    I did not enjoy his Titanic show.