Not a remake or a reboot, but if the original had not been made until 2015. In honor of the Jurassic World premiere.
  1. Michael Fassbender as Alan Grant
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    Both Irish, great place to start. Fassbender has a calm relatable quality similar to Sam Neill. Neill wasn't well known in the states in 1993, but when Fassbender isn't playing superheroes, it's very easy to lose sight of the star in a role.
  2. Jessica Chastain as Ellie Sattler
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    Chastain could convey the same warmth needed for Sattler's understory of her wanting to become a mother. She is also capable of turning everything up to 11 and freaking the fuck out because a severed arm just landed on her shoulder.
  3. Adam Driver as Ian Malcolm
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    Sure these two look an awful lot alike, but Driver also has many of the same sensibilities, quirks, and mannerisms as Jeff Goldblum. I imagine he'd add just as many beats and 'ah's and 'um's to the character's forewarning that life finds a way.
  4. Martin Sheen as John Hammond
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    I feel like people forget Hammond is responsible for a lot people's lives. Like forty people die over the course of three movies. But Richard Attenborough had such a kind little mogwai face that we forgive and forget. Sheen also has a face we love and trust. We elected him President after all.
  5. Pierce Gagnon as Tim Murphy
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    Pierce is roughly around the same age Joseph Mazzelo was when he played the part. This kid is pretty incredible in Looper. The whole movie depended on the work of a then six year old and it worked.
  6. Elle Fanning as Lex Murphy
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    My scope with younger stars is a bit limited and maybe it's just residual feelings from seeing her in Super 8 all doused in Amblin nostalgia, but I think she'd play a young computer hacker nicely.
  7. Jonah Hill as Dennis Nedry
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    Jonah Hill is an incredible actor and he has a face I absolutely want to punch. He's more of a star than Wayne Knight was in 1993, so it would make the character's (SPOILER) death all the more shocking. Franchises are also more prevalent. It would be nice to think such a star had a hand in foreshadowed sequels with that shaving can being buried in mud.
  8. Mads Mikkelsen as Robert Muldoon
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    I feel like I've seen movies starring these guys where their characters never speak, they just stare at people with those raptor eyes.
  9. Donald Glover as Ray Arnold
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    The character doesn't have to be black of course, but Glover is broadening his horizons into serious roles. It would be fun to watch he and Jonah Hill hate each other in the control room. Hope Glover's cigarette on lip while talking game is on point.
  10. Denis O'Hare as Donald Gennaro
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    These two actors look quite similar sure, but I think I just hate Denis O'Hare's character in Michael Clayton so much I want to see him ripped from a toilet and eaten by a T-Rex.
  11. BD Wong as Henry Wu
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