1. Remember Roundhouse?!
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  2. Remember Boku?!
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    With spokesman Richard Lewis
  3. Remember Scholastic order forms?!
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  4. Remember McDonalds Happy Meal Maker?!
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  5. Remember GAK?!
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  6. Remember Eureka's Castle?!
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  7. Remember Sideways Stories From Wayside School?!
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  8. Remember String Thing?!
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  9. Remember Sneakers?!
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    Great James Horner score
  10. Remember MTV's Jesse Camp?!
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    I'm 62% sure he went to my high school? Also, @thebfg ?
  11. Remember Crocodile Mile?!
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  12. Remember Miss Nelson Is Missing?!
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  13. Remember Pillow People?!
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    I still have this very one back at my parent's place. And a door one? A door person pillow.
  14. Remember this Terminator 2 toy set?!
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  15. Remember Scruff McGruff?!
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    Chicago, Illinois 60652
  16. Remember You Can't Do That On Television?!
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  17. Remember Thin Ice?!
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  18. Remember SnackWell's Devils Food?!
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