1. Remember Roundhouse?!
  2. Remember Boku?!
    With spokesman Richard Lewis
  3. Remember Scholastic order forms?!
  4. Remember McDonalds Happy Meal Maker?!
  5. Remember GAK?!
  6. Remember Eureka's Castle?!
  7. Remember Sideways Stories From Wayside School?!
  8. Remember String Thing?!
  9. Remember Sneakers?!
    Great James Horner score
  10. Remember MTV's Jesse Camp?!
    I'm 62% sure he went to my high school? Also, @thebfg ?
  11. Remember Crocodile Mile?!
  12. Remember Miss Nelson Is Missing?!
  13. Remember Pillow People?!
    I still have this very one back at my parent's place. And a door one? A door person pillow.
  14. Remember this Terminator 2 toy set?!
  15. Remember Scruff McGruff?!
    Chicago, Illinois 60652
  16. Remember You Can't Do That On Television?!
  17. Remember Thin Ice?!
  18. Remember SnackWell's Devils Food?!