My roommate @JGDillard directed his first feature film. It's called Sleight! Without the exclamation point. I was the set photographer. Here are a few pics I like. You can see many more on Instagram @sleightthemovie
  1. Jacob Latimore
    The movie is about street magic. And maybe real magic. And family. And love. And drugs.
  2. Dulé Hill
    I acted completely cool and normal around Dulé and didn't call him Charlie or stare at him from across the room while I hummed The West Wing theme song.
  3. Seychelle Gabriel
    Aside from being a great actress and shockingly beautiful, she plays a mean harmonica.
  4. Storm Reid
    Storm is twelve years old and far wiser and more mature than most of us will ever be.
  5. Sasheer Zamata
    Sasheer is as chill as she is funny.
  6. Cameron Esposito
    Cameron is as funny as she is chill.
  7. Jay Walker
    Jay is a good buddy. Great being on set with friends.
  8. Cinematographer Ed Wu
    This was Ed's first feature. And he killed it. I mean, murdered. He murdered people. He's such a great cinematographer that people died on set.
  9. Clothing provided by The Hundreds
    Everyone on screen looked incredible due in large part to the amazing wardrobe provided.
  10. Dulé asked for an iced chai latte but our production assistant brought him a hot chai latte.
  11. This Tree
    Actors ruining my tree shot.
  12. Dulé and his droogs Michael Villar and Brandon Johnson
  13. Sleight is not a TBS show.
  14. The director and Jacob arguing about hats.
  15. We built a club.
    Well, I didn't build a club. The incredible art department built a club. I just took pictures at the club.
  16. Me on the right and one of our best friends visiting set.
    One of the only pics I took of myself.