My roommate @JGDillard directed his first feature film. It's called Sleight! Without the exclamation point. I was the set photographer. Here are a few pics I like. You can see many more on Instagram @sleightthemovie
  1. Jacob Latimore
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    The movie is about street magic. And maybe real magic. And family. And love. And drugs.
  2. Dulé Hill
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    I acted completely cool and normal around Dulé and didn't call him Charlie or stare at him from across the room while I hummed The West Wing theme song.
  3. Seychelle Gabriel
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    Aside from being a great actress and shockingly beautiful, she plays a mean harmonica.
  4. Storm Reid
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    Storm is twelve years old and far wiser and more mature than most of us will ever be.
  5. Sasheer Zamata
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    Sasheer is as chill as she is funny.
  6. Cameron Esposito
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    Cameron is as funny as she is chill.
  7. Jay Walker
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    Jay is a good buddy. Great being on set with friends.
  8. Cinematographer Ed Wu
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    This was Ed's first feature. And he killed it. I mean, murdered. He murdered people. He's such a great cinematographer that people died on set.
  9. Clothing provided by The Hundreds
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    Everyone on screen looked incredible due in large part to the amazing wardrobe provided.
  10. Dulé asked for an iced chai latte but our production assistant brought him a hot chai latte.
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  11. This Tree
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    Actors ruining my tree shot.
  12. Dulé and his droogs Michael Villar and Brandon Johnson
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  13. Sleight is not a TBS show.
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  14. The director and Jacob arguing about hats.
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  15. We built a club.
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    Well, I didn't build a club. The incredible art department built a club. I just took pictures at the club.
  16. Me on the right and one of our best friends visiting set.
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    One of the only pics I took of myself.