1. Smash cut to opening titles
  2. Commercial breaks
    Beginning and end of the break
  3. Someone says "okay"
  4. One character interrupts another
  5. Military operations referenced by name
  6. New conversation/old topic
    e.g. CJ and Sam walk n' talk about their weekend plans. CJ walks away, Josh enters walk n' talk. Sam seamlessly continues with talk of weekend plans.
  7. Ownage (degree TBD)
    Someone verbally destroys another person.
  8. President Bartlett:
    - Offers inane information - Military command - Puts coat on
  9. Leo:
    - Throws orders around - Drinks (take a shot with the man)
  10. Josh:
    - Breathes weirdly/loudly while he speaks - Gets shot (take a shot)
  11. Sam:
    - Works on a speech - Moves to California (take a shot)
  12. Will (@Flurn):
    - Works on a speech - Tension with Toby
  13. Toby:
    - Works on speech - Plays with red ball
  14. CJ:
    - Press conference - We see her goldfish - Falls into a pool (take a shot)
  15. Charlie's first line of an episode
  16. Timothy Davis Reed speaks
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    Was a teacher of mine. Is the best.
  17. Donna and Josh flirt
  18. "If I can call you Charlie"
    Anytime Charlie and Zoe flirt
  19. Air Force One
  20. Unusually long steadi-cam shots
  21. Peek-a-boo
    The camera starts on an object covering the frame and it smoothly steadicams around. e.g, a lamp shade or TV screen in the press room.
  22. Chyrons (text onscreen)
  23. Episodes directed by Trifecta
    - Thomas Schlamme - Alex Graves - Chris Misiano