This is about iOS 10
  1. So you know about iOS 10 and all the updates that came out recently but the one thing I liked the most was the control center.
  2. Sure there some apps on the AppStore like GamePigeon and iMessage apps for iMessage but I just really like the control center it's just so clean fresh and completely revamps everything.
  3. Also the emojis omg the emojis are amazing on a scale to 1 to 10 i will give the emojis a 10 on that but there is many more features to come to IOS 10.
  4. IOS 10 The new iPhone 7 & 7+ , It's all happening really fast, like by the time you know it we are probably going to have IOS 11 or something like that but I just hope that they completely change the entire phone.
  5. I have one more thing to say I just really wish they added split view on iPhone 7&7+ like on iPads they can do that but on iPhones. That will be a game changer.