The Dubai-based collaborators combine everyday objects with their own artworks and those of other artists in sincere and probing assemblages. For "The Birthday Party", their first major U.S. museum exhibition, they chose works by Louise Bourgeois, Jimmy De Sana and Ree Morton. Some of the materials they transported from Dubai to pair with them are:
  1. Campbell's Soup can candle
  2. Two sets of bird dresses
  3. Two gardening forks
  4. Mermaid
  5. Three Uglydolls
  6. One crutch
  7. Artificial baguette
  8. Artificial lettuce
  9. Two paper-mache pigs (Tooth Pig and Pig Punk)
  10. E.T. finger
  11. Aluminum and duct tape rabbit
  12. Check out "The Birthday Party" on exhibit at the ICA now: