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The books we read together
  1. 7/18/17
  2. 7/18/17
  3. 7/18/17
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Just a day in the life of a husband, hatcher? (Looking for an 'h' synonym), hacker, hustler.
  1. Woke up 7:30ish
    Not to early not to late
  2. Made the Mrs. some Pu-erh tea with makuna honey
    There was some left for me, yay!
  3. Made a spinach, broccoli sprouts, peanut butter, almond milk shake. You have
    Made some black coffee, too.
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  1. Worked the 8-4
    Met with a new client; poised to instead business by 2,500%. Serviced existing client. Cheated on this one a little, sold enough to stop at 1pm.
  2. Had lunch with my brother
    During lunch came up with a business idea.
  3. Made it home
    Helped the Mrs. clean, do dishes, started laundry.
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