Successful day 7/14/17

  1. Worked the 8-4
    Met with a new client; poised to instead business by 2,500%. Serviced existing client. Cheated on this one a little, sold enough to stop at 1pm.
  2. Had lunch with my brother
    During lunch came up with a business idea.
  3. Made it home
    Helped the Mrs. clean, do dishes, started laundry.
  4. Went shopping
    Took the little man and went shopping for the week. He even got to ride the electric pony.
  5. Made it home
    Cooked dinner ate with the family at the dinner table.
  6. Playtime
    Played with the kiddos, wrestled, tumbled, and read.
  7. All the house is asleep
    Finished the basics of the business. Domain name, LLC, email setup, Slack setup, cost breakdown, potential client list, logo mock ups, broke down equity, added partners.
  8. Sleep
    A good day!