Gene isn't the first rich person who's been sentenced to house arrest. In fact, she's in fine company -- these A-listers have also been legally grounded.
  1. Paris Hilton
    This monster was confined to her tiny Beverly Hills mansion with nothing to do but hang out at her several pools.
  2. Lindsay Lohan
    Why was this "actress" confined to her home for only a month? Can we make her stay there forever?
  3. Martha Stewart
    The lifestyle guru was stuck in her sprawling estate for five months, baking, gardening, crafting and perfecting all of the other menial tasks inmates are forced to perform.
  4. Joe Francis
    "Girls Gone Wild" founder Francis had to tone down his crazy behavior when he was put under house arrest for tax evasion. Keep your shirt on, ladies.
  5. Wesley Snipes
    The actor rounded out his sentence for tax evasion in his own home. He presumably spent that time preparing for his role in "The Expendables 3."
  6. Bernie Madoff
    This famous crook was confined to the $7 million Park Avenue apartment that he bought with other people's money. Cool!
  7. Teresa Giudice
    This Real Housewife of New Jersey is currently on house arrest for fraud. The worst part? That she's stuck in New Jersey.