I'm a big scaredy cat. 🙀😿
  1. Being buried alive
  2. Being In a coma and being able to hear everything but not being able to say anything
  3. NYC rats(rodents in general)
    They're frickin smart. It's scary.
  4. Being chased up the stairs
    Because I'm so much slower going up than going down.
  5. Turbulence
    I've almost died so many times... Traumatized for life.
  6. Stalkers and being followed
  7. Evil spirits
  8. Australian drop bears
    They're real guys.
  9. Th deep ocean.
    So much going on down there... I can't even.
  10. Exotic parasites making their way into my bloodstream
  11. Dark open spaces
  12. The forest at night
  13. Falling into an outhouse
  14. Falling into a body of REALLY dirty water
  15. Being murdered