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  1. Moms who only capture their kids best moments
    "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior"
  2. Skin peeling inside mouth
    "Skin peeling inside mouth - Crohn's disease forum" 😿 found out it's actually due to the whitening component of my toothpaste.
  3. Black and yellow water snake
    "4 ways to identify a venomous snake." You know, the yellow bellied snake that was found in Ventura that hasn't been seen in these parts for over 30 years. Warm waters... Not a good sign.
  4. Building in New York with war plane on roof
    "77 water street"
  5. Oatmeal culottes
    Cute ones on🤓
  6. Best mink lashes
    "Velour lashes - The original creators of 100% mink lashes"
  7. Garance Dore
    "Garance Doré on Frenchwoman clichés, breaking up with the sartorialist, and her new book"