I've been on this k-everything kick the last year or so so naturally I've started listening to K-pop and other genres of Korean music.... Oh ballads, you've grabbed me by the heart.
  1. 80s Korean music: Kim Jong Seo
    My Dad and I now have something to talk about other than life lessons.
  2. Hyukoh
    Fave song: Gondry
  3. Taeyeon
    From the group Girls Generation vocal line. Fave song: U R
  4. Simon Dominic
    Any guy that raps in Satoori.
  5. Beenzino
  6. Kyuhyun of Superjunior
    K-ballads.... Seriously. K-ballads are the best.
  7. Song So hee - rock and traditional Korean gugak
  8. IU