YouTube is by far one of my favorite websites alongside Amazon(the reviews👍🏼) and Aliexpress(the same stuff you're buying but 90% cheaper).
  1. Covers
    Some YouTube artists are just as, if not more, talented than label artists.. Seriously. Also, how else are you going to witness a 13yo passerby pick up a mic at a public karaoke machine in the middle of a mall in the Philippines slay Whitney Houston's "I have nothing"?? My current favorite cover: Kwabs "Like a star"
  2. Soldiers coming home
    I already know I will be bawling my eyes out a minute in and I still watch these. Growing up in boarding school away from my parents for most of my formative years, I can relate to the feeling and honestly I don't mind crying... except in public. Also, it's nice to see a different side to these soldiers, the softer more human side. "Sub genre" to this is soldiers coming home to their pets. I always finish with these videos because they make me happy!
  3. Babies laughing like adults
    So creepy and so funny.
  4. Dance/choreography
    One of my guilty pleasures: those horribly awesome dance movies. (Save the last dance changed my life.) They're theatrical, well-thought out, and high quality content and production now and I really appreciate that.
  5. Old music videos
    The other night I spent more than an hour watching old Mariah Carey music videos. NOSTALGIA! I can also spend a good amount of time on Celine Dion.
  6. Korean variety shows
    Running Man and Return of Superman are my current favorites. Don't worry, they come with English subtitles!
  7. Pre-kpop Korean music
    It's hard to find full albums of Korean artists from the '80s and '90s on popular apps like Spotify/iTunes/Pandora/soundcloud and even for purchase online but there's always some fan out there that has graciously uploaded the songs on YouTube. Thank you👍🏼
  8. How-to videos
    I'm a visual learner. You can always find me, phone in hand, watching how-to videos in the auto parts aisle figuring out what I need to fix my car. When it comes to cars, I'd honestly like to do it myself... minus autodetailing (I'll leave that to the professionals).
  9. Short but informative videos on anything and everything that piques my interest
    My current interests are in Japan's Yakuza culture and Performance Improvement in healthcare. Also, most all videos by Bill and Melinda Gates
  10. The funniest clips of ________ show.
    Sometimes I just don't have the time or desire to watch entire talk shows/interviews and just want the good bits. Most all Jeff Goldblum-Conan O'brien clips are gold.
  11. People's talking voices
    Sometimes I wonder what people's talking voices sound like. Either I've only heard them sing or have only seen pictures of them. Recent searches: DJ Peggy Gould, fashion blogger Gary Pepper.
  12. Iggy Azalea interviews
    Watched them all.