1. Karaoke
    Every family gathering came with a karaoke machine. My aunt had one of those legit, huge ones.
  2. Corn, cheese, corn and cheese together
    Usually melted, eaten by itself or draped over other foods.
  3. Korean dramas
    Cause most of the time they're miniseries(usually 15-25ep) and therefore have a well-thought out, satisfying ending... vs western TV shows that usually end on its deathbed. And they're so addicting.
  4. Fair skin and small faces
    If you have either, you will definitely hear about it. Some may even hold their hands up to your face to see just how small it is.
  5. Food
    The country where food porn superstars/professional BJers were born. Never heard of it? Google "mukbang."
  6. Rock, paper, scissor
    Taken very seriously. Solves disputes, shows dominance, proves one's luck/good fortune.
  7. Drinking
    Soju is the most popular liquor in the world and averages less than $2 a bottle.
  8. Couple stuff
    You know... head to toe matching outfits.
  9. Coffee and themed cafés
    Consumed more than kimchi. Poop themed cafes, tarot card cafes, nature cafes with roaming sheep, camping cafes, hanbok cafes... the list goes on.
  10. Fashion
    No slop allowed.