1. Gender Neutral Bathrooms: No one does anything remotely pleasant in here, so who really fucking cares who goes in? We all know it's to either drop a deuce, which we all pretend we never do, or perform some other unsightly activity of the excretory system. P.S. Your bathroom at home is gender neutral. Calm down.
  2. Buying/Selling Alcohol On Sundays: I don't really see how it's anyone's business when I choose to purchase, consume, or purchase and consume alcohol. If you feel it's disrespectful due to your religion then don't do it. TBQH I don't think Jesus really cares cause he turned water into the shit, but that's just me.
  3. Public Breast Feeding: Look the other way asshole. It's natural. In fact it baffles me how many people who argue against homosexuality for being unnatural will flip right around and deem this as horrifying when it's the most natural thing ever. Tend to your salad and don't worry about the neighboring table. This isn't kindergarten, it's life.
  4. Calling People Crazy Over Their Political Views: I mean, just vote for who you are gonna vote for and keep it moving. Are people crazy? Absolutely. Do they vote ignorantly. Absolutely. (Have you seen the Orange?!) They aren't gonna stop cause of the Facebook feud you're having with them. And you would either.
  5. People Saying They Are Leaving The U.S.A. If ____________ Wins: Be real. No one is going anywhere. And where are you actually gonna go? Exactly. Stop.
  6. Playing the Race/Gender/Sexual Orientation Game: Does discrimination exist. 100%. It's probably always going to because people, as evidenced by my previous harps, can be assholes. Sometimes things happen to you but it's not always because of a slight. Sometimes it's because you dropped the ball, brah. Reflect on your actions before crying hate.
    (Because some people truly are being discriminated against, and we don't want to take attention, that should be recognized, from them by bitching about everything. )
  7. The Asshat Cutting In Front Of Everyone Waiting In The Turn Lane: Ummm, efffff this guy. These people are total tools. They did not just "forget they needed to turn." They do this everyday. Don't let this jerk in. We've all waited patiently. Major negative sunshine, you can pop a U and wait like errrrrrybody else.
  8. Judging People For Their Lack Of Religion or Having Religion: Again, just do you. Pray to who you want to pray how you want to pray. Channel energy. Worship the Spaghetti monster. Don't pray to anything. Follow science. The bottom line is: let's just be kind to each other. We're not really so different in the end.
  9. Why Did They Get Rid Of Ranch Fritos: Were they not amazing?!? What happened?! #ImmaNeedTheseBack