Words I Hate

  1. Mister- Can we not? "How are you, mister?!" First, that is completely not subtle. "Mister" loudly announces "I'm trying to be cute and flirty." Second are you five? Because that's the age I'd assign to a speaker with this word choice. Leave it to Dennis the Menace and let's keep it movin'.
  2. Bae- Kill me. There is a special place in hell for the person who coined this stupid term. You wanna have a pet name? I think that's great, but if you ever refer to me by this word prepare for our relationship to meet an abrupt end. "Hey Bae," Something will be whipped in the direction of your head and it won't be the "Nae Nae."
  3. Irregardless- This word is a lie. You mean "Regardless." English mother fucker, do you speak it?
  4. Ax- As in, "Can I ax you something?" Not if you plan to walk away from this exchange breathing without medical assistance. If you come at me with that question I'm going to get an ax to prepare myself for whatever dastardly assault on my body you are planning. The answer is no, Hannibal, you may not.
  5. Basic- All I can say about that is if you use this word then you are basic. "She's so basic." Wtf are you trying to say and how is that an insult? "He's basic." You know what? You're right and my basic ass is right over here basically not giving a shit about you.