The Worst Film Parental Figures
  1. HOME ALONE SERIES : Kevin's mom loses him x2
  2. HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS SERIES : Rick Moranis just straight up lab rats his children
  3. DEBBIE DOES DALLAS : Your parents let you gang bang your way to cheerleading championships & back? #NoVisa
  4. THE LION KING : Scar just wasn't a team player
  5. PENELOPE : Catherine O' Hara loses yet another child to the runaway game
  6. BEETLEJUICE : Lydia almost marries Beetlejuice under subpar supervision (By Catherine O' Hara yet again)
  7. LEMONY SNICKET'S SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS : Count Olaf on his relentless hunt for tax breaks
  8. SPIDER-MAN SERIES : Hobgoblin a.k.a. Norman because Osborn is just an asshole Batman really
  9. DBZ : Goku, your kid could've been a doctor instead
  10. Anyone who let their kid go to "Makeout Point/Backseat Ridge/Murderers thrive here peak