In no particular order
  1. Seinfeld
    Direct result of the 90's comedy boom. Unlike Raymond, not everyone loves it, but you can't deny its power.
  2. Friends
    Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. The origin of 20-21st century ensemble comedy.
  3. Robots! Robots! Robots!
    This drama really defined the tone of a new era. Although Hollywood had already had its share of robot actors but it still broke barriers for 2057.
  4. I Love Lucy
    The 50s would never be the same after this lovable red head entered our lives.
  5. Grablor and Tom
    NBC hadn't had a comedy on the network for 30 years before Grablor and Tom brought must see TV back from the grave in 2173.
  6. Breaking Bad
    See also: Mad Men
  7. Mad Men
    These two programs helped lead the way for the golden age of television which went made way for peak TV, which devolved into the great TV congressional hearings.
  8. Cheers
    It wasn't Friends, it was Cheers that pioneered ensemble comedies. Please forget about Friends.
  9. Arrested Development
    The godfather of shows that were cancelled too soon and then one of the first to begin the great network exodus to Netflix.
  10. Life on Venus
    An accurate and heartbreaking portrayal of the first human colony on the planet of Venus.
  11. 010010001101
    It's a shame most of the humans were long dead and would never get to see this hilarious send up to 1980s American politics.