I love finding out how much stuff is worth that other people own.
  1. Mark Wahlberg
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    The American version's host is named Mark Wahlberg. Just like the other guy with that name!
  2. Guessing the value correctly
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    I KNEW that oil painting of a Vermont landscape was $1,200. I think I might become an expert art appraiser!
  3. Pretending to care about the history
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    "I'm going to nod and say things like 'oh wow' but I just want to know what it's worth!"
  4. When it turns out to be fake
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    If this were an original it would be worth $50,000...but this one is $12.
  5. When someone's grandma turns out to be a liar.
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    The person tells this long story about how their grandma got a beautiful rocking chair from her trip to 18th century Europe. Only that chair is from the late 1979s. GRANDMA!
  6. When they say "I had no idea!"
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    But like, they brought it to Antiques Roadshow, so...you had an idea.
  7. Hearing my dad complain during vintage toy appraisals, "You know, I had one of those when I was a kid but your grandmother gave it away!"
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    Suggested by @amycoady