1. Remembering passwords
    The most secure password is the one you can't remember. Save password now? Yes please, Chrome.
  2. Dead batteries
    If I don't remember to plug my phone in before I fall asleep I'm doomed. 💩
  3. Poor wifi
    Wifi? Because fi.
  4. Overly pushy autocorrect
    I'm trying to spell something that's not a word. Don't be mean about it.
  5. Missing reservations
    International travel is great until your hotel doesn't know you're coming.
  6. Broken down car
    Aston Martins should be more reliable
  7. Jammed Walther PPK
    It's usually such a reliable weapon
  8. Complicated gadgets from Q
    Not even my pens are what they seem
  9. Hacked nuclear launch codes
  10. Visible invisible spy planes
  11. Goldeneyes, etc