This is a cool community and lists are the window into the soul. What kinds of vibes have I been putting off?
  1. An all around really great guy
    Suggested by @IamChrisTodd
  2. chill
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  3. Loves podcasts, the funnier/wittier the better
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  4. Impossibly brave.
    Chris Todd was always the kid in school who was slightly smaller than the rest. What he lacked in muscle he made up for in wit and charm. When the war began, Chris was first in line to sign up. But his stature and health weren't up to snuff, leaving him devastated. Chris is a lover of his country above all. That patriotism paid off. A mysterious branch of the military decided he was the perfect match for their top secret experiment. Chris was wary, but wanted to help America. Well, it worked.
    Suggested by @emilyannlosey
  5. live (or lived) in Minneapolis
    Suggested by @debsecrest
  6. Guy with the illustrated profile pic. 👌🏼
    Suggested by @mignac