Watching TV is great. Watching TV and commenting on it with complete strangers is even better. This is how to live tweet like a pro.
  1. Find the right hashtag
    Some shows have the same hashtag every single week. Some mix it up to tailor it to the episode's topic. See what the official account is using and follow their lead.
  2. Consider warning your followers before you start
    A live tweet means a lot of tweeting. This can be jarring to your followers' timelines. A quick tweet noting what you're about to do is a nice gesture. One tweet every couple of minutes should work best.
  3. Figure out your style
    It can be a mix of any of the following...
  4. Style one:
    The quote - simply tweet your favorite lines from the show. It's accessible, effective, and shows people what you like. These will likely get RTs/likes.
  5. Style two:
    Additional commentary - comment on the things that are happening in the show. It will only make sense to others watching the show and you have to be mindful of spoilers. But, if you have good comments to add it'll get noticed and provide fans something to grab on to.
  6. Style three:
    GIFs - it's a tactic that good for all occasions.
  7. Style four:
    Spam - don't spam.
  8. Style five:
    Engage with official account - @ mention the show account (or actors) in your tweets. You'll experience a high when they respond/RT/like.
  9. Chat with other viewers
    Engage with other users who are watching your show. You might just make some friends. They'll also be more willing to RT you if you've engaged them. Plus it's just nice to give props to awesome tweets you wish you'd have thought of.
  10. You can be critical without being rude
    A live tweet is not a review. If you honestly hate something and feel the need to tweet about it, don't tag the actors or TV show. They work hard and don't need to see it directly in their feed.
  11. Tweet from your gut
    Don't overthink what you'll tweet. Never tweet for RTs (even though it feels really really good to get them). Just react to what you see. Picture yourself in a room of your friends...what would your comment be in that moment as you all watch together? Tweet that.
  12. Do it consistently
    If you have the time, it's best if you can get to the show every week. You'll find a core group of users who you'll start to see over and over and become friends with. Plus the show itself will likely also notice you more. It's fun when it's a conversation.
  13. The show comes first
    If you find yourself distracted from the show. Take a break from Twitter. It should be an enjoyable experience.