There's more to the spookiest holiday than just trick-or-treating and dressing up
  1. Being unprepared to use the bathroom.
    You planned everything about your costume except one thing...how to get it off to go bathroom. You'll be drinking, so it's inevitable. Yet, you have no idea how it's going to happen. It takes a Halloween miracle.
  2. Commenting on how few trick-or-treaters there are this year.
    No matter how many kids visited your house last year, this year there will be less. And it will not go unnoticed. It must be commented on.
  3. Explaining your costume.
    Costumes come in three flavors: too clever to recognize, too poorly done to recognize, and sexy. You'll spend your whole Halloween explaining the first two.
  4. Bobbing for apples.
  5. Anxiously considering whether or not your coworkers will dress up too.
    You spent a lot of time on your costume and you're going to wear it to work. You have a fun office right? But what if nobody else wears one? You spend the next 40 minutes taking off and putting on your costume. Then call in sick.
  6. Grocery store aisle negotiations.
    Every year you walk into the store with big plans to be the cool house in the neighborhood - passing out king sized candy. But, the variety pack of tiny boxes of Whoppers and Milk Duds are basically free. After 5 to 10 minutes of soul searching, you go with smarties.
  7. Realizing it's colder than you thought.
    Oh man, it's colder than you thought
  8. Using spooky puns.
    The List App, more like The List Ahhhh!-p
  9. Hating on candy corn.
    It's not that bad, but you hate it anyway. It's tradition!