Everyone knows the number 1 and number 2 reasons to spend time in the bathroom. Here are the other reasons bathrooms are perfectly designed for hanging out. 🛀🏻
  1. Work break
    You can get fired for not working for extended periods of time. But you can't get fired for taking bathroom breaks - where you can play cell phone games and write lists.
  2. Freshen up makeup
    It happens all the time in movies and tv shows so I assume people freshen up their makeup on the regs IRL also.
  3. Great acoustics
    Shower singing is too good to ignore. Sometimes you just need to hop in the shower to belt out some Adele.
  4. Hiding from killer
    Ok, the killer got in your house. That's bad. But lock yourself in the bathroom and you'll be fine!
  5. Cleaning
    Keep your bathroom clean. You never know when you'll have to spend an extended period of time in there hiding from murderers.
  6. Get away from kids
    Parents you gotta get away from those kids, am I right?!
  7. To cry, curled up in a ball
    If you're going to hit rock bottom, it's probably going to happen on the bathroom floor.
  8. Practice a speech
    What else would that big mirror be for if not to help you totally nail tomorrow's presentation?
  9. Summon Bloody Mary
    This might work in any mirror. I was too scared to dig in and research it thoroughly.
  10. Change clothes
    A bathroom is just a dressing room with a toilet.
  11. Bomb protection
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    If a bomb is going to go off in your house you have two options. The fridge or the bathtub. Obviously.
  12. Escape
    If you're on a bad date, just escape through the bathroom window. There's always a bathroom window and it's always adult human sized.
  13. Lunch
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    Sometimes you just need to be alone with your food, thoughts, and loneliness.
  14. Hide a gun
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    Only good for hiding a gun if you're interested in reaching around in a dirty toilet and then also murdering a human being.
  15. Reading a book
    Or magazine! Bubble bath optional.
  16. Moonshining
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    You have to give up your hygiene. But what you give up in cleanliness, you get in drunkenness.
  17. Learning to shave
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    Lots of life's biggest milestones happen in the bathroom, but none of them help you bond with another human person quite like learning to shave.
  18. Getting eaten by dinosaur
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    A tale as old as time. Probably happens so much it doesn't quite belong on this list.
  19. Watching the Truman Show
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    Is there any reason better to spend time in the bathroom than to watch another human being live their life without them knowing you're watching them?
  20. Baking a pie
    I might be thinking kitchen.