1. Parody US History Assignment
    The 9th grade assignment was simple: write a newspaper devoted to a specific decade in US history. Most students did things like "the 1960s" or the "1970s." I went with the "1660s" because I'm a real weirdo and US history is loosely defined. The sports section had a piece on nine pin bowling and there was an editorial on Peter Stuyvesant. It was 🔥
  2. Cartoon for school paper
    I hadn't really done anything to make anyone think I'd be the person to go to for a political cartoon in the college paper. I doodled a little and made some friends laugh but that was it. Next thing I know I'm drawing politically charged cartoons in an actual publication. (That's a picture of the president trying to bail out a baby with 700 billion dollars...I'm so edgy!!)
  3. Doing standup for the first time
    I've only done it 3 or 4 times total, and not since probably 2010. But that first time was really great. It was in college in front of 200 of the most supportive students who were ready to laugh. I'm proud of some of the jokes, others I probably wouldn't write today. It was a lot of fun and was also terrifying. Just trying it counts as an accomplishment.
  4. Promoted to Head Writer
    Back when Twitter was new and everyone was just hanging out with each other, a user reached out for me to be a writer for a web series she was putting together. I write drafts along with some other writers and we had Skype meeting and it was a lot of fun. After a couple drafts I was promoted to head writer (which didn't mean much other than more Skype calls). I was very proud...even if it ended up going nowhere. (She's gone on to produce many other things successfully lol)
  5. The Intellectuary
    After college me and three friends would get together every Wednesday and drink at an Irish Pub and just brainstorm funny things. We called ourselves the Intellectuary and prided ourselves on being smart people who enjoy a good poop joke. We wrote essays and think pieces and also made silly videos that got dozens of views: http://youtu.be/o58yi_vkqK0
  6. Online satire contributor
    The Washington Fancy, ever heard of it?! No! But for two years I contributed Onion-like articles to a website of that name. I even had one of the most viewed articles: "Projector Commits Suicide After Screening New Sarah Palin Documentary" or something like that. The website doesn't exist anymore so I can't check.
  7. Published?!
    One of my Washington Fancy articles was picked up to be re-printed in the Humor Times. A publication I believe is regionally distributed in print/digitally in Sacramento for fans of political cartoons and satire. I was basically famous.
  8. Published Part II
    Same article as The Humor Times, about Ron Paul wearing ironic tees, made it into The Net's Best Satire Vol 1...available on Amazon. Probably my first dollar made on comedy. A literal dollar.
  9. My own book on amazon
    Like any red blooded American I had my own blog and was in the middle of a series on the seven deadly sins and seven Catholic virtues. It included personal stories that represent each sin/virtue in a [hopefully] comedic way. I decided to put in the extra effort to make it into a book. Self-published on Amazon. Definitely buy it. It peaked in the top five of humor essays when it was free. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00R5FNWN0?ie=UTF8&redirectFromSS=1&pc_redir=T1&noEncodingTag=1&fp=1
  10. Tweeting for Comedy Bang! Bang!
    Somehow the IFC Tv network reached out for help with the Portlandia Twitter account. From there I was given the choice of either Maron (premiere season) or Comedy Bang! Bang! for their second season. Before they could finish asking I shouted CBB PLEASE! and ran that account (and sometimes Maron, IFC, Portlandia) through the end of season 4. Career highlight for sure. Scott Aukerman is the best.
  11. Have completed screenplays
    I'm not saying they're good...though I'd like to think they are...but they're written. Two features, a TV pilot, and a short. I want to write more. Maybe someday I'll try to make one of them.
  12. Trending lists
    One of my favorite things that can happen is to be trending. And it's happened a couple of times on lists I thought were pretty funny and by dumb luck some other people did too. Thanks for the platform, BJ and Dev.
  13. Referred to Tonight Show
    When it looked like my CBB tenure was over (back for season five this Spring!), my former boss at IFC referred me to an opening at the Tonight Show on their social team. I never got a response but it was pretty rad somebody thought it would be worth a shot.
  14. Making friends laugh
    Not chronological but making friends laugh is the best. I hope someday I can give you an lol too.