Fake news.
  1. Cold open: B
    We open with the Trump press conference. Lots of pee puns. Would be funny if we weren't all going to die in 6 days. Solid Steve Harvey from Keenan with a day-of John Lewis rewrite.
  2. Monologue: Felicity Jones: B-
    She's definitely reading the cue cards, but it's just nerves probably. More solid Keenan. AND TINA FEY who is just like Tupac. Funny dig at the writers/Leslie Jones for being an angry and/or horny cop out to end any sketch.
  3. The Bachelor aka Beard Hunk: B-
    "Mmm, I like this"...recurring sketch which generally have diminishing returns. But I love an unhinged Aidy Bryant. (Felicity Jones is not comfortable yet) Kate McKinnon also unhinged 🔥
  4. Pre-Taped, car trouble: C+
    More Keenan. I'm sure you'll see this sketch on social tomorrow...something about it didn't quite work. Keenan and Leslie are beefing, but his car is run down. It might just not be written for me.
  5. Fancy Theater Patron: D
    An old old man donates a ton of money to a theater...the serious play occurs in foreground while Mikey Day is the old old man disturbing everything with old man antics? I was more interested in Kate and Beck acting the s*** out of the play.
  6. Pre-taped, The Princess and the Curse: C
    A classic fairy tale...Felicity Jones is much more comfortable here (probably because it's pre-taped). Moral of the sketch: Men are the worst. One laugh from me.
  7. Susan B Anthony House: A-
    Kate McKinnon as Susan B. The modern women are uninterested in her wisdom. I'm very interested. And she's mostly interested in what cell phones are. (The ending was forced)
  8. Muuuuuuusical Guest: Sturgill Simpson
    No thanks.
  9. Weekend Update: B+
    The jokes were pretty good. But when the political climate is what it is...the jokes could be great and meaningful. Pete Davidson's "first impressions" was fun. Where has Pete Davidson been? Beck Bennet "Pop Sensation" he's silly in a way I like.
  10. Going to bed early: A+