1. French Meadow
    Everything I've had here has been 💯
  2. Nico's Tacos
    Easily the best tacos in the area. Not a lot of flair, but just tasty.
  3. Muddy Waters
    The food is good, the drinks are good, and the vibe is even better.
  4. World Street Kitchen
    Always too spicy for me, but sooooo good.
  5. Libertine
    Should probably be further up for their bacon alone. A good vibes, and solid eats, place.
  6. Barbette
    Judging by only one experience, they know what they're doing. My brunch wasn't my favorite, but I could see the potential.
  7. Common Roots
    Not a lot of variety, but enjoyable and relaxed.
  8. Bryant Lake Bowl
    A restaurant/bar/bowling alley/performance space. It's a fun time and the food is surprisingly well done.
  9. Stellas's Fish Cafe
    I'm from Maryland, so I'm sure the seafood here is good for MN. It's still pretty good but it's pretty pricey outside of HH.
  10. Chipotle
    I don't need to sell you on Chipotle. You know Chipotle.
  11. Tinto
    Really cool place, but the tacos aren't quite Nico's level. But I hear the guac is 🔥.
  12. Uptown Tavern
    A college bar with better than average food and a big ol rooftop.
  13. Famous Dave's
    Solid BBQ to fulfill my pulled pork cravings.
  14. The Egg and I
    Basic diner breakfast.
  15. Salsa a la Salsa
    It's fine. It's biggest benefits are ample parking and outdoor seating.
  16. Lyndale Taphouse
    It's a pub. Don't expect anything beyond it being a pub.
  17. Galactic Pizza
    Not bad, a little too garlicky. It's no Punch Pizza or even Pizza Luce (which I don't count as being not on the list).
  18. Lago's Tacos
    The worst of the Uptown taco places.
  19. China Moon
    Love it. But it's not very good. Those lil sugar donuts tho.
  20. McDonald's
    They have a Redbox!