Welcome back to @nbcsnl, Tracy!
  1. Family Feud
    Great premise that was executed well. Not all the jokes were sharp, but the framing kept it together.
  2. Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
    That camel, tho.
  3. Cold open
    Larry David felt the Bern.
  4. Monologue
    30 Rock! 30 Rock! 30 Rock! 30 Rock!
  5. The Showdown
    It takes two to tango, and also a casual misunderstanding about euphemisms.
  6. The Martian...er Astronaut Jones!
    Ranked for theme song alone.
  7. Yo, where Jackie Chan at?
    Seriously though, where is he?
  8. That musical sketch
    Love seeing Tracy be Tracy, but the rest of it was off.
  9. Weekend Update
    Despite Tina Fey's arm butt and doo-do pies 💩, WU remains a mess.