I've tweeted for television for two and a half years at IFC. Where should I go next? 📺
  1. Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl)
    You'll notice from this list that I love comedy, and SNL is a founding father of television comedy. I'd tweet that.
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    I wouldn't even have to try and match the tone of the show because I already exist in this show's tone. Like cast member Chelsea Peretti, it's one of the greats.
  3. Last Man On Earth
    At its best, no other TV comedy can touch it. Will Forte's Golden Globe is right around the corner.
  4. The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight)
    See SNL, above.
  5. Conan
    With the utmost respect to @JimmyFallon I've been on Team Coco since high school.
  6. Comedy Bang! Bang!
    Ok, so this is the show I tweet for now. I love it and never want to leave.
  7. Bob's Burgers
    I hang out with friends trying to come up with burger of the day puns IRL. I'd much rather do it on Twitter.
  8. No, You Shut Up!
    Puppets and @PFTompkins. No-brainer. Can somebody make this happen?!
  9. Review
    If Andy Daly could be on every show, I'd be into that. Darker than my typical sense of humor, but I would love the chance to match the tone of this show on Twitter.