My fiancé went out of town and to cope with the sadness of missing her I binged on Redbox movies that she didn't want to see with me.
  1. The Man From U.N.C.L.E
    It was a fun time at the movies. Snarky and action packed. + Hugh Grant
  2. Sleeping with Other People
    Jason Sudekis and Allison Brie were good. Jason Mantzoukas and Andrea Save were great. All around funny film with feels. Apatowian without the length issues.
  3. Ex Machina
    Super intriguing. I didn't accurately remember what this film was about so it was a little less action filled than I thought it would be...but was enjoying it the whole time.
  4. Mad Max: Fury Road
    It's good but it's not as good as everyone had told me it is. Probably suffers from inflated expectations and the fact that I don't like watching people with dry lips for hours.
  5. The End of Tour
    Very enjoyable film that doesn't really go anywhere. You're in it for the writing and performances which were solid.
  6. Trainwreck
    Also suffered from inflated expectations. I love Hader in everything. The celebrity cameos/featured roles didn't do anything for me.
  7. Fury
    It was a great movie to watch at 11:30 at the tail end of a movie marathon. I enjoyed it for America and for our troops. (Though they didn't make our troops particularly likable)
  8. ...
  9. BONUS: Sicario
    Saw it two weekends ago and really liked it. Emily Blount is probably my favorite actress.
  10. Bonus: American Ultra
    Also from two weekends ago. Very fun stoner Jason Bourne movie. Some parts were a little cliche (Topher Grace was a very cliche, but good, overly ambitious CIA agent). Fun. Unique.