The Internet has many great qualities, but this is not a list of those things
    Every comment is horrendous. People are horrendous.
  2. Facebook's Top Stories
    I will continue to click "most recent" until the day I die. I don't care what FB believes to be important. Especially if it's HOURS old. The past is the past.
  3. Too much data
    There used to be a time when a friend would have a question, and we'd spend hours trying to remember the answer. Now we Google it immediately and fill the void with silence.
  4. Hackers
    I don't understand them. But I know they exist. Some of them are good? Some of them are bad? Some of them are a movie starring Angelina Jolie?
  5. WiFi dependence
    When there's no internet, I don't know what to do and start shaking and going through withdrawal.
  6. Rotten Tomatoes
    It's always pretty accurate. That should be a good thing. But there are movies I should've seen that I've skipped because I already knew they sucked. I wanted to see the Giver. But, you know, 36%.
  7. Content
    Content is king and we must all produce it at all times. That's why this list exists. My content overlords demanded it. #Content
  8. Hashtags outside of Twitter
    They don't belong anywhere except for Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Your Facebook hashtags are ridiculous.