1. "Happy birthday, Chris!" - FB
    From my Facebook friends who don't really know me anymore.
  2. "Happy birthday, CT" - FB
    From my Facebook friends who know me pretty well, but don't really talk to me anymore.
  3. List App Comments
    I fully expect each and every one of you to comment "happy birthday" on this list. It was yesterday, but I'm almost 30 so I need the attention.
  4. "HBD" - FB
    From either really cool friends or really lazy friends
  5. Facebook anecdote
    For real friends, who are still a little too lazy to text, but want to personalize things a bit. "Happy birthday! ::insert inside joke here::"
  6. The Question
    "Is it your birthday?...happy birthday." Mostly co-workers.
  7. Age Related
    Old man, how's it feel?, etc
  8. Text Messages
    The correct way to wish me happy birthday
  9. In the mail
    Thanks, Mom!
  10. Notification-based
    "Skype told me it was your birthday" "Facebook told me it was your birthday" Basically "I rely on robots to live my life"
  11. Food
    Or, Halloween brownies that were 50% off because it's November now.
  12. The Belated
    Oops 😳, mostly from people who didn't log in to Facebook the day before.
  13. Baby's Day Out
    Not the classic kid's movie, but an adventure you go on with your fiancé to celebrate. Like texts, this is the correct way to wish me happy birthday.
  14. List App Comments
    I'm not kidding. This list's only function is to solicit kind words and relists. Please and thank you.