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My favourite person ever and the best person who'll never be the President of the United States (by her own ruling out)
  1. One hell of a public speaker
    I've never been reduced to tears by one person giving a speech so much. "I'm not crying, I've just got Michelle Obamas speeches in my eyes"
  2. The only woman Beyonce wishes she could be
    She is flawless!
  3. Intelligent
    So. Switched. On
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I've not had a laze by the pool, chill out type holiday in a really long time. It's been fantastic BUT this is what I've learnt...
  1. Swimming in the sea equals pure joy
    Add a snorkel and then it's heaven
  2. There's is a certain section of woman who beat themselves up about their appearance, it's heartbreaking
    It doesn't matter, as long as you like what you're wearing and you feel good in it - that's all that matters. No one is looking. Don't let it hold back your enjoyment
  3. You make your own fun
    I noticed a lot of bored (blokes mainly). Do something about it! The fun won't just come to you
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I'm not one for taking pictures of food BUT sometimes cake needs to be celebrated, right?
  1. 'Geet' big milkshakes at the Great British Cupcakery on Newcastle, Quayside
  2. Macarons from Mademoiselle Macaron in Edinburgh
This list is quite a challenge actually cause if you like something why should it be guilty? Anyway...
  1. The personal life section on Wikipedia
    I could waste hours dotting from person to person
  2. Instagram
    Same as above
  3. Say Yes To The Dress
    Honestly it's so out of character for me but I do love it
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Some basics about me (urgh)
  1. I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  2. I work in radio
  3. I've just taken up cycling
    As a result I get to work happier and much more awake
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A plan to get her back on top...
  1. Mermaids revisited...?
  2. Does she have a skill (aside from acting obvs)? Something that could be turned in to a reality show? Working title 'Winona knows...' Perhaps she tries a new hobby each week?
  3. An autobiography and subsequent book tour?
    Words from Winona
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Pretty much in order
  1. 1.
    It made me cry - in a really good way. I was totally invested
  2. 2.
    Steve Jobs
    Fassbender ❤️. Beyond that I wasn't that taken
  3. 3.
    Ant Man
    Love Paul Rudd. Fun superhero film
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After years of living in London I've moved back to my first student city. Not a million miles away from my birthplace but a city (and region) that I love more than any other
  1. Grainger Market
    A wide array of food to try and stalls to browse. Pumphreys is pretty much my favourite
  2. Ouseburn
    Such an exciting area but mainly the pubs are the best
  3. My Commute
    aka riding my bike along the Town Moor. Preferably when the cows aren't near the gates
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  1. Shy bairns get nowt!
  2. Don't sweat the small stuff
Day dreaming of an alternative working week, imagination running wild...
  1. Art-y!
    Painting, never tried but I'd like to. Graphics. Typography. Pottery. Ceramics. Illustrator. Anything...
  2. Zoo Keeper
    Ideally with birds, otters or bears
  3. Coffee shop
    I've done this as a student. Probably my favourite job before perusing my career. Would quite like to do it again, running my own
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