Careers I'd Pursue If Money (or talent) Wasn't An Option

Day dreaming of an alternative working week, imagination running wild...
  1. Art-y!
    Painting, never tried but I'd like to. Graphics. Typography. Pottery. Ceramics. Illustrator. Anything...
  2. Zoo Keeper
    Ideally with birds, otters or bears
  3. Coffee shop
    I've done this as a student. Probably my favourite job before perusing my career. Would quite like to do it again, running my own
  4. Chris Packham
    Working with nature being a total genius at understanding it all
  5. Therapist
  6. Golfer
    I've never watched golf or played much but I like walking and I think it'd be a nice day. I quite like the sport casual look too. Win, win.
  7. Detective
    Proper Columbo type
  8. Architect
    I imagine they have quite a nice working day. Have no clue
  9. Macaron maker/taster
    I bloody love them