Pretty much in order
  1. Joy
    It made me cry - in a really good way. I was totally invested
  2. Steve Jobs
    Fassbender ❤️. Beyond that I wasn't that taken
  3. Ant Man
    Love Paul Rudd. Fun superhero film
  4. The Danish Girl
    Was really looking forward to this but Eddie Redmaynes overacting ruined it
  5. The Revenant
    An old school epic
  6. Spotlight
    Really interesting but don't think it was executed that well. After all it's a film about people doing their job (from someone who does that kind of work)
  7. The Lobster
    LOVED the first half. Then it goes downhill. Still worth a watch
  8. Room
    Read the book and loved it. Thought the film took it beyond. A good adaptation
  9. The Martian
    Totally didn't fancy this BUT so glad we did watch it. Total treat. Matt Damon at his best
  10. The Big Short
    V creative. Love Adam McKay
  11. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
    Creative and so informative. Worth a watch for even the most casual Nirvana fan
  12. Trumbo
    Didn't keep my attention at all
  13. Dead Pool
    I want to watch again and again. Think you'll find something new each time
  14. Amy
  15. Interstellar
    Complicated and looooong
  16. The Wolf of Wall Street
    A revisit. Leo at his best
  17. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    I fell asleep. I don't buy into 'cap'
  18. 45 Years
  19. Special Correspondents
    Terrible. Don't waste your time
  20. Purple Rain
    I laughed, I cried. I went right out and bought a copy on blue ray
  21. Whiplash
    I could watch this every night. My most revisited film for years
  22. Captain America: Civil War
    Spider-Man stole the show. Again, I don't buy into 'cap'
  23. Under The Skin
    Creeped out and disappointed
  24. 22 Jump Street
  25. Black Mass
  26. 12 Years a Slave
    First time I've watched this since seeing it in the cinema. Steve McQueen can do no wrong in my eyes. Beyond heartbreaking and powerful