Michelle Obama is...

My favourite person ever and the best person who'll never be the President of the United States (by her own ruling out)
  1. One hell of a public speaker
    I've never been reduced to tears by one person giving a speech so much. "I'm not crying, I've just got Michelle Obamas speeches in my eyes"
  2. The only woman Beyonce wishes she could be
    She is flawless!
  3. Intelligent
    So. Switched. On
  4. A good cuddle
    It's my dream to be this girl...
  5. In touch
    I really do 100% believe that people matter to Michelle that's why everyone has fallen so hard for her.
  6. Up for a dance
    At all times
  7. Rooted
    She may have been First Lady for the last 8 years but she's kept her feet on the ground
  8. Hilarious
    Totally at ease with herself and any situation. I mean, she hugged the Queen...
  9. A family cheerleader
    I love how her girls and Barrack are a massive foundation for her
  10. Beautiful
    Proper stunner. "Girrrrl, you look good"...
  11. Got the Royals wrapped around her little finger
    SHE CUDDLED THE QUEENNNN (and got away with it)