Favorite Year Round Lush Products w/ Pictures

  1. Fizzbanger (Bath Bomb)
    The classic! This was one of the first bath bombs I ever tried out. It smells like fruit loops! Sometimes I just buy one to keep on my desk to randomly pick up and smell...
  2. MMM (Bath Oil)
    This product has a new look this year! It went from the rather large cupcake style to this, pretty tiny, round guy. It still smells exactly the same, like a trip to candy mountain! Word of warning, this guy might be small, but a little goes a long way. I recommend cutting it into 4th.
  3. Dark Angels (Face and Body Cleanser)
    This stuff is amazing! Its full of black sugar and charcoal to clean out your pores. Yes, it does smell like charcoal, but it reminds me of art class in high school. It does stain the skin a bit, so use it before you wash with soap, a loofah or rag will get it off your skin.
  4. Intergalactic (Bath Bomb)
    A new bath bomb, but it's slowly becoming my all time favorite! The scent is slightly minty and it turns you bath a deep blue with gold glitter! It's mesmerizing!
  5. Montalbano (Shampoo Bar)
    I have no clue how to pronounce this thing. But it's amazing! I started using it last month when I cut my hair real short. It smells like you're drinking a lemonade by the pool!
  6. The Comforter (Shower Cream)
    This junk! Is heaven! Not going to lie, I have no actually bought this stuff, but my mother got it for me for Easter this year and I love it! It smells like gum balls! The smell takes me back to my childhood at Ocean City MD, when we used to go to the arcade a few nights and I would always play the candy claw machine.
  7. Milky Bath (Bubble Bar)
    To be honest, I mostly like this little guy cause he's shaped like a milk bottle! It mostly just smells like clean, but it makes your skin so soft. I highly recommend using it with a bath bomb that doesn't make the water soft. Us a tiny chunk of this under the tap. Enough to give you a little bit of bubbles and soft silky water. Heaven!