I'm awful at getting around to watching shows. I always go "wow, that sounds great. I should watch that!" and then I just put Family guy on instead. So here is a list of shows I really should watch, but who knows if I ever actually will!
  1. The Path (Hulu)
    It looks so interesting and every time I see an add for it, I get excited. I clicked start on the show just now, but then thought of this list to write! So once again...I'm here...not watching it!
  2. Broad City (Comedy Central)
    I watched like 5 episodes of the first season and loved it! But I haven't watched any since then.
  3. New Girl (FOX)
    I've watched episodes here and there, but that was when the show first came out.
  4. Agains of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)
    I watched the first season and really enjoyed it, like I binged it all in one day! But stopped for some reason.
  5. 11.22.63 (Hulu)
    I'm really interested in this. I've watched just about everything on the JFK assassination. Plus I enjoy historical fiction, so I feel like this one would be a fun one.
  6. Jessica Jones (Netflix)
    I loved Daredevil! And everyone has been raving about Jessica Jones! So I figured it would be right up my alley! Maybe I'll start it soon...
  7. Mad Men (ANC)
    I'm a little obsessed with the 60's, so this show has always kinda cause my attention. Plus everyone and their mother said this was a good show.
  8. Hemlock Grove (Netflix)
    I adore this show! I watched the first two seasons super fast! I was so excited for the third and final season to come out! And once it did, I watched one episode and haven't finished the rest.
  9. Gotham (FOX)
    I watched a few episodes and I'm generally interested. Batman is one of my favorite super heroes, and this is kinda like his back back story. I'm a little hesitant since Bruce is a child in this, but I'm a sucker for back stories.
  10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
    I'm told just about ever other week by my sister to watch this show. She tells me is love it. I should probably watch it...
  11. Fargo (Fx)
    It looks so good! Why have I not watched it?!