I have some sensory issues which are amplified when I am eating. I have been known to throw away half-eaten meals because of it. It's a textural issue, which is one of many reasons I am now a vegetarian, but removing meat from my meals hasn't eliminated my issues with the following:
  1. Spiders
    They give me the creepy-crawlies
  2. Snakes
    Too slithery
  3. Lizards
    My dog catches them, forcing me to dispose of the dismembered bodies. Also, there was a front page newspaper story about a woman who found 1/2 a lizard in her salad at Appleby's. The story included a picture of said lizard. I couldn't eat salad for 6 months. I still haven't stepped foot in an Appleby's.
  4. Alligators
    I can't believe people actually eat these-look at them, they're disgusting! I mean, who looks at an alligator and thinks " Oh that looks tender and juicy!"
  5. Turtles
    I had a blackened chicken salad at a restaurant at a turtle farm in The Cayman Islands. Couldn't eat the chicken because I had convinced myself it was turtle. They actually had turtle on the menu, with a description that said "tastes like chicken".
  6. Octopus and Squid
    Just ick.
  7. Frogs